Rating: 2 out of 5.

Kodak Black proves he can win a singing competition with this song (I’m kidding).

Out of all the young rappers in the game, my favorite is Kodak Black. When he’s focused, he balances crazy flows with deep lyrics and clever punchlines excellently. The problem is this: 65% of the time, that ninja is not serious. That said, in his latest single, “Eaze Your Mind,” Kodak drops a few serious raps, but for the most part, sings like a dude who tried to do karaoke while drunk as hell.

Kodak Black may not be a natural fit for ’90s R&B, but judging from this song, it appears he believes he can make it work. In “Eaze Your Mind,” he brings out his most daring vocals to let the world know that he’s thankful for this chick who seems to have his back no matter what. Though I rock with the emotion and passion he shows throughout, at the end of the day, we get too much autotune and offbeat singing in this joint. Also, Kodak goes off the rails just a little too much lyrically (He starts randomly talking about unsuccessful rappers towards the end, and then the song just abruptly ends).

Respectfully, I don’t want to hear this song again.