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D. Smith – XIII: Far From Here (Album Review)

Dsmith’s motivation to end up one of the greatest MC’s to ever bless a mic is apparent. Hailing from Chicago, IL, the 25 year old rapper has done a great job of deciphering himself from the other artists from his city by being unique and creative. In “Far […]


Khalid – Free Spirit (Album Review)

Khalid has never followed anything by the book, instead he’s followed his emotions and heart; this is why I believe he is the most satisfying R&B artist to listen to today. With the release of “Free Spirit,” the El Paso singer/songwriter looks to continue his maturation process as […]

50 Goliath – Journey (Album Review)

50 Goliath’s musical journey has taken him to “Journey” — A powerful fourteen track project that excels in everything from passionate bangers to vibrant EDM gems. In other words, 50 Goliath stayed true to his moniker on this album, because he definitely did it mighty.