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Ed Sheeran – No.6 Collaborations Project (Album Review)

In “No.6 Collaborations Project,” pop megastar Ed Sheeran seeks love, street cred, revenge and a place where he isn’t judged. Knowing he will not be able to achieve such lofty goals by himself, Ed decided to recruit a bunch of different music stars to help him out. Advertisements


Anderson .Paak – Ventura (Album Review)

Anderson .Paak is the true definition of an artist. I feel like the music he has been able to make in the last 2-3 years has been creative, refreshing and versatile. In .Paak’s previous album, “Oxnard,” I thought he shined brighter than ever, gifting us with everything from […]

Eminem – Relapse (Album Review)

Historically, “Relapse” has been rated low from critics worldwide, as to many, it was too far left for even a die-hard Eminem fan to enjoy. But on the real, was it really that bad? Once you get past the stupid Scottish accent he tends to rap with from […]