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Wiz Khalifa’s last few weeks were not the best:  This week he was the victim of a Kanye West bi-polar rant (Which I’m pretty sure was a publicity stunt), and he reportedly got his 10k chain took by some Kanye fan at one of his shows. As of late, things are starting to look up for him though, as he has reconnected with his ex-wife Amber Rose, and today released a new album named ‘Khalifa’.



5. CITY VIEW (4.4/5)

This song will sorta throw you off: He’s rapping hard as hell on it, talking hella trash on it, probably grabbing his wan wan while rapping, but the chorus sounds like some Lamb chop singalong-type s–t with some random ass girl! Nonetheless, his flow is hot, and the energy of the track is phenomenal!


4. ZONEY (4.4/5)

As you can imagine, this is the most emotional/personal song on the album; But would you agree that this is the most emotional/personal song he’s ever made?

I wanted to cry on this song guys! Not because his son was talking on it, but because THIS NEGRO Ain’t mention one word about weed for once! History in the making rap folks.

On this song, Wiz wanted to put the listeners in his shoes, as he talks about his dreams and aspirations. It’s smooth, and nothing sounds forced.

3. LIT (4.7/5)

Is Ty Dolla $ign and Wiz Khalifa the new Nate Dogg and Warren G? Hell nah! How bout the new T-Pain and Lil Wayne? Closer but not quite to me….  I got it! Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign are the new Milhouse and Bart Simpson!

Unlike ‘Bake Sale’, I can see the creative minds of both Hip Hop artists coming together on this one. The vibe to the track is mellow and relaxed, while Wiz is soothing your stoned ass mind with his typical high in the sky sound.

Ty Dolla $ign is himself on this song: That means talking about Louie, someone doing time and not snitching, and how he has this girl he smashed that he doesn’t know her name…..Typical Ty.

This song is definitely a gem.


2. BTS (4.8/5)

This song is from the heart! And get this……ONLY ONE MENTION OF WEED ON IT! Round of applause to you Mr. Khalifa, you are growing up from your sicko ways.

The beat has two elements to it: There’s the trillness to it, with all the clapping and hard hitting 808’s. Then there’s the soulful side to it, which consists of pure harmony.

Wiz is rapping tough over this beat, talking about his grind, and being unapologetic about who he is. No singing, just rap from him on the verses. It’s trap Wiz mixed with daddy Wiz, which to me is a new sound. I’m used to Weed Wiz mixed with useless Wiz.

1. BAKE SALE (4.9/5) 

‘Bake Sale’ sounds like a Travi$ Scott song to me…Travis Scott at this point makes better music than Wiz Khalifa to me – Travis Scott has a song on Wiz Khalifas album – One of the best songs on Wiz Khalifa’s album is the one with Travis Scott because he is better than Wiz Khalifa at making music at this point. You see the logic here?

I love the energy of this track, as its main focus is to keep you hyped throughout! Travis Scott is on the hook giving it that passionate yet playful feel.

Wiz Khalifa is all business on his verses, as he is clear and concise in describing the everyday life of a stoner.

Juicy J’s hyper ass gives it that OG feel that the song needs.

I have two beefs with this track:

1. You can tell Travis Scott emailed him this song, cause the chemistry ain’t there.

2. Are we just gonna act like he didn’t steal G-Eazy’s beat from ‘Order More’?


HOT: BTS, No Permission, Zoney, Bake Sale, Lit, Celebrate, City View, Call Waiting, Elevate.

MEH: Cowboy, Make A Play, ISAY, Most Of Us.




Wiz experiments with a bunch of different sounds on this album: Some are hard (Cowboy) , and some are Neosoul-like (Call Waiting). He’s also very emotional on this album, as its his first one since the birth of his child. Wiz also sways away from talking about weed as much…..(Keep in mind, when I say “AS MUCH” it means not as much as he did on his other albums, but even a decrease means he is still talking about it quite a bit.)

Unfortunately, too many times he resorts to his lazy subject lines such as “You can’t ball like me”, and “you aren’t making money like me on a plane”. It’s his fall back subjects which is very old to me now. Also, some songs sound identical to his other songs in the past (The Future syndrome).

Is it me, or did Wiz Khalifa’s lyrics become more aggressive? He’s talking about beating up and killing people more! This dude that weighs no more than 130 pounds? No Bueno!

Overall, the album is decent at best. If you are a Wiz Khalifa fan, it’ll throw you off a bit.

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