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Lil Uzi Vert – Luv is Rage 2 (Album Review)

Let’s all be honest: Not only was ‘XO Tour Life’ a damn good song, but it also feels like it came out of nowhere. Winning the hearts of many with that single, Uzi’s expectations sky rocketed, putting him in a lane a bit higher than his XXL peers. But with expectations always comes that one question: “What have you done for me lately?” Other than a few features here and there, Uzi hasn’t really done much . With Uzi putting all his cards on this ‘Luv Is Rage 2’ project, I look forward to hearing the young artist follow up to a damn there classic song.




5. 444:222

‘444:222’ is a track that is high in energy, and follows this tempo that Uzi typically shines on. While his content could be a little more meaningful, you can’t hate on the Big Tymers flow he uses on his verses.

Let me find out that Uzi can make workout music, too! I feel like I lost about 3 pounds following his exercise moves.




The beat for ‘Neon Guts’ sounds like trap dentist music.

Pharrell is featured on this track, and he opens it up with a couple tough bars that remind listeners everywhere that he can do that whole fake thug thing when he wants to. Personally, I don’t like the fact that Pharrell is trying to rap like everyone else in the industry on his part, but at this point, his co-sign on the track is good enough to make this one of the better songs.

Uzi has always had bars and punchlines, but people tend to overlook it because he sings a damn lot. On this song, you see that potential he has to drop bars, as he shows this level of aggression that will surprise some.




You know what people fail to mention? Uzi’s hottest song is called ‘XO Tour LIIFE’, meaning that The Weeknd got to reap the benefits from it being so popular. Maybe the Canadian singer decided to return the favor to Uzi on this song, lacing him with one of his tracks that were laying around. (Cause this is clearly catered to The Weeknd) Whatever the case may be, The Weeknd approached the track with this defensive mindset, letting the world know that they can’t get to him mentally (Isn’t a defensive Weeknd an enjoyable one?).

Uzi hops on the track as his usual explosive self, giving it that dynamic sound that is sort of a switch up from The Weeknd’s part. While the Weeknd actually sounds fazed to me on his part, Uzi doesn’t at all.




‘Sauce It Up’ has Uzi hyped up and talking that flossy s—t!

There’s so much flavor to this song that I’m over here doing the most suspect hand wave right now listening to it. The energy on this song is impeccable to me, as it has this flow/pace to it that will get your heart racing. You can tell Uzi simply wanted to have fun with the track, as it sounds like he wants to empower all the ballers in the world.




This song is easily one of the best tracks of 2017, and probably one of the most surprising.

I love how fearless this song is! Uzi pours his heart out like no other artist on it, approaching the song like a bonafide Rockstar.  I think when you mix Rock and Rap successfully like Uzi did here, you can create a sound that is unbelievable.

I’ve heard lots of songs in my lifetime, but I’m not sure I heard another that makes me come alive like this one does.


1. TWO (4/5)

2. 444:222 (4.5/5)

3. SAUCE IT UP (5/5)

4. NO SLEEP LEAK (4.3/5)

5. THE WAY LIFE GOES (4.4/5)

6. FOR REAL (3.7/5)


8. NEON GUTS (4.4/5)

9. EARLY 20 RAGER (2.6/5)

11. UNFAZED (4.7/5)

12. PRETTY MAMI (3.8/5)

13. HOW TO TALK (3.5/5)

14. X (4/5)


15. DARK QUEEN (3.8/5)

16. XO TOUR LIFE (5/5)

17. SKIR SKIR (3.5/5)

18. LOADED (4.5/5) – (BONUS)


20. 20 MIN (4.5/5)




Uzi is no fluke at all, he’s a talented artist that is able to create this sound that I believe can galvanize an industry that is always looking for the next best thing. If he is able to maximize his skill-set, I think he can be something special in the game; on this particular album, I think he fell a bit flat.

Uzi’s sound is never boring, but when you hear his sound combined with stale content over and over again, then the album becomes a little too useless for my liking. Maybe the production on the album failed to do him justice, or maybe the sounds will get better with time – I don’t quite know, but what I do know is that I wasn’t impressed with this album at all.

One thought on “Lil Uzi Vert – Luv is Rage 2 (Album Review)

  1. My top 5
    1. Sauce It Up (85)
    2. Unfazed (80)
    3. XO Tour Llif3 (70+)
    4. The Way Life Goes (65+)
    5. Two (65) (Had so much potential, too bad it was boomed by a big intro).

    My bottom 5
    12. Neon Guts (50)
    13. X (50)
    14. No Sleep Leak (40)
    15. Early 20 Rager (0)
    16. For Real (0)

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