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Travis Scott & Quavo – Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho (Album Review)

After all the teasing they did on interviews, Travis Scott and Quavo’s ‘Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho’ collaboration album has finally made its way to the masses!

With 2018 being the year of the collaboration albums, I think its pretty ironic that the last one we will get this year features two rappers that pretty much embodied what Hip Hop stood for. For Hip Hop fans, it’s almost like taking a final exam to see how much we’ve learned these last 12 months. Well I suck at exams, so don’t be surprised if I completely bomb this review…




‘Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho’ is such a bizarre name for an album, right? If you ask me, it sounds like some Western s–t, so its all the way fitting that the album starts off with that type of sound.

Over this instrumental that sounds like it was made by f-king Clint Eastwood, Both rappers introduce themselves to the world as some hardcore bad asses. There isn’t really structure to the song, just two dudes that rap with this eagerness to show that their the roughest/toughest son of a b-tches in the wild wild South.




On ‘How U Feel’, Quavo finally gets a chance to shine, as he sets the tone for the record with this robotic flow. Travis picks up where Quavo left off around 2 minutes into the track, sounding like Quavo’s robotic tag team partner. When it’s all said and done, I like the bop/rhythm this song has, and appreciate the fact that these robots were willing to go through a software update before making this s–t.




I said it before and I will say it again: Stay away from that Moon Rock, folks!

While I love both Travis and Quavo on this song, I think it’s the beat that truly steals the show here. While it has its strong trap elements, it also has this glimmering sound to it that reminds me of some extraterrestrial s–t. (I mean Travis looks like an Alien, so this is definitely up his ball park, right?)

I tried to warn Travis about that Moon Rock, but it looks like its too late, as he clearly sounds like a n—a that transformed into Count Dracula on this song. His part is still lit though, as he puts a good chunk of his emphasis on sounding like a bi-polar n—a.

Quavo sounds normal on this song, and might even have the better verse. I feel like he’s competitive on his part, rapping with this aggression that is very complementary to the Science fiction type beat.

Never tell the cops ‘Moon Rock’ is your favorite song.




Don’t ya’ll love when hip hop producers incorporate Middle Eastern vibes into their beats? Anyway, on ‘Dubai S–t’, Travis Scott effortlessly raps with this style that reminds me a lot of Drake’s style from ‘Gyalchester’. I’m ok with Travis biting though, because plenty of people have bitten his style these last couple of years (Including Mike Tyson).

Quavo drops two pretty inspired verses on this track, one in which he goes back and forth with fellow Migo member, Offset. I like when he raps with good animation like he does here, because I think he’s at his best when he sounds like a cartoon character. (I can see how he could take that comment as an insult)

Fun fact: Dubai is so rich that their police cars are actually Benz’s. My mind is blown.


1. EYE 2 EYE

‘Eye 2 Eye’ is the exact sound that both Quavo and Travis Scott succeed at. Shout-out to Murda Beatz for understanding the type of beat that both artists are good at spitting over.

Whenever you allow Quavo or Travis to make that catchy hook that you can sing a long to, I think you automatically have a hit! On ‘Eye to Eye’, both rappers electrify their listeners with these tough ass bars, making sure their words are felt despite the useless content. While I didn’t expect much of the songs on this album to have a ‘kill-a-rapper’ type vibe to it, this particular track does show they are more than capable of creating one.

I think people are finally starting to realize just how good of a rapper Takeoff is. On this particular track he drops something slight, though, clearly playing second fiddle to the bigger names.

Every time you hear this song, it will grow on you more.




3. EYE 2 EYE (4.7/5)


5. HUNCHO JACK (3.9/5)

6. SAINT (5/5)

7. GO (3.8/5)

8. DUBAI S–T (4.7/5)


10. MOON ROCK (4.7/5)

11. HOW YOU FEEL (4.5/5)

12. WHERE YOU FROM (4/5)

13. BEST MAN (4.3/5)




You know what I find pretty unfortunate about all these surprise albums that have been coming out lately? The end product usually sounds a bit rushed. However, I think ‘Huncho Jack, Jack Hunco’ is one of the few projects that actually felt like the artists took their time making, as you can tell they were intent on mastering the overall musicality of the album song by song. So how do I know they took their time making this album? Because throughout I feel like you hear some sounds meshed together that are pretty dynamic, something that tells me they had a lot of brainstorming sessions during its making.

You know what I learned from this album? Murda Beatz is to Travis Scott like Metro Boomin’ is to Future. I feel like the Canadian producer brings out the best in Travis, as he has a pretty decent understanding of the beats that make the Texas artist come alive. In my opinion, the ones he produced sounds the most club-ready, which subsequently has La Flame coming across as the life of the party.

Another thing I learned from this album is that Quavo’s star-power doesn’t appeal to me as much it used to. Is it because so many people sound like him these days? What I do know is that I expected major things from Quavo on this album, and his contributions were simply alright to me.

‘Buddy Buddy’ rap is at its peak right now, as everyone and their mama seems to be friends in the industry. It makes for some pretty exciting music if you see it from a far, but the closer you get, the more you start to see how watered down s–t is getting. That’s why I personally prefer a competitive rap game, because it inspires artists to think outside of the box, and that simply isn’t happening right now. With that being said, I think both hunchos are the perfect leaders for this new generation of rap — A generation that relies on harmonizing, catchiness, and lots of trippy lyrics. While they do still fall in line with that whole ‘buddy buddy’ rap that is starting to irk my nerves, I can’t be mad at the great effort they put to sorta stand out and be different on this album.

3 thoughts on “Travis Scott & Quavo – Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho (Album Review)

  1. My top 5:
    1. Saint Laurent Mask (this has to be one of the best beats I’ve heard in a long time)
    2. Where U from
    3. Motorcycle Patches
    4. Go
    5. Moon Rock

    Bottom 5.
    9. Modern slavery
    10. Eye 2 eye
    11. Saint
    12. Best Man
    13. Black and chinese

  2. This album grows on you. It did for me so now I gotta make a updated rating system for each song:
    1. Modern Slavery (60)
    2. Black and Chinese (55)
    3. Eye 2 Eye (60) [Originally had this song at 25, but I slept hard]
    4. Motorcycle Patches (75)
    5. Huncho Jack (70)
    6. Saint (30)
    7. Go (75) [Originally was 50]
    8. Dubai Shit (75) [Originally was 20]
    9. Saint Laurent Mask (100) [Originally was 80] – Made my Platinum Tier.
    10. Moon Rock (75)
    11. How U Feel (75)
    12. Where U From (85)
    13. Best Man (5+)

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