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Ratings Game Album Reviews: (The Rest Of The Pack): 12/19/2017 – 12/25/2017

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I try to get to everything throughout the week, but in all honesty, it’s impossible! Below is a recap of a few albums I couldn’t quite get to. 


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I’m undecided about Famous Dex as an artist: I feel like he does some good things in the hip hop game, but at other times seems a little too wacky for my liking — On this Mixtape, unfortunately you get a lot of wacky. Laced with some unconventional beats, the Chicago rapper drops some cartoonish bars that can never be taken seriously. Unless you enjoy shaking your head for a few minutes, I suggest you leave this album alone.


King Los is a spitter, one that is highly underrated if you ask me. Well on ‘Moor Bars’, you get nothing but unapologetic bars from the Baltimore rapper, as he pours his everything  out over some pretty riveting instrumentals. It’s one of his more experimental projects that I actually think he had fun making.


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