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Tyga – Kyoto (Album Review)


Ya’ll like a singing Tyga? I thought a singing Tyga was actually alright in “1 on 1.” Apparently after a trip to Kyoto, Japan, Tyga was motivated to sing full time, a move that is very reminiscent to what Kanye did back in his “808 and Heartbreak” days. Why can’t the LA spitter also experiment a little? Why can’t he expand on his artistry like everyone else? I am all for hearing Tyga play crooner, I’m just not here for his struggle braids.




5. U CRY

I used to love Ja Rule back in the day, especially on “I Cry”! Even though this slower/more emotional version of the record is nothing like the original, I could dig the fact that Tyga paid homage to it on the most important part: The hook.

Unlike majority of the songs on this album, the content attached to this one matches the tone of the record perfectly. Tyga’s gentle words actually come across as genuine on it, as he leaves those corny punchlines he was using on the other records at home. I think it’s safe to say that this track contains his best writing on the album.




I guess “Holdin’ On” is cute and all, as it relies heavily on island vibes to make it to the finish line. Tyga doesn’t try to sing as hard on it, instead laying down some bars that aims to accommodate the random thugs you see standing in the corner of the club. I don’t want to call the ex-Young Money rapper’s verses generic, but I feel like you can literally plug in whoever you want into his part and no one will lose sleep. (I guess that’s calling it generic)

24hrs actually sounds phenomenal on this song! Typically, I am annoyed by his existence on any type of record, but this time around I feel like his whiny voice is exactly what this reggae-pop record needs! 24hrs is slowly becoming my friend, guys!

Whatever happened to Nico & Vinz? This sounds like some s–t they would make.




I really liked Tyga on ‘1 and 1’, and it looks like Tyga liked Tyga on ‘1 on 1’, too, because he created a song in “Temperature” that sounds exactly like ‘1 on 1’! (Fantastic writing by me!) Once again, he sings over this Caribbean inspired production, even trying to do a West Indies accent! Overall, I’m feeling the songs riddim (or rhythm), as Kylie’s ex drops something that I can guarantee will get you off your feet.




Initially, I was a bit moot about “Boss Up,” as I felt like it was a little too dull for my liking. Since then, I have come to terms with the singing Tyga’s doing on it, as I started to enjoy the unpredictability of the melodies he laid out. With that being said, I see the track as pretty artistic, as Tyga follows this daring approach that relies heavily on his own energy. If you look at it that way, I think you’ll enjoy the song a bit more, too.




Tyga doesn’t go too far out of his comfort zone on “Sip A Lil,” and coincidentally, it’s one of the best songs on the album.

Correct, Tyga is singing on this song, but at the same time I can hear a bit of that killer MC in him on his verses. You can tell he wants to break out into full out rapper at times, giving us his signature tongue twisting flows at times. I ain’t mad at it, though, because that power struggle between spitter and crooner is pretty interesting to listen to.

You give Gucci Mane a dark trap instrumental like this, 9 times out of 10 he’s going to kill it. Anyway, for one of the only times on this album, someone’s contributions sounds natural, as Gucci lays down this trill ass verse that has him talking about the usual: Putting bling on a woman, showing off his power, and sounding like he got a few jalapeno’s in his mouth that he’s struggling to digest. The only true rap feature on this album certainly did his job well.

If you got 14 songs like this, “Kyoto” might’ve been alright.


1. TEMPERATURE (4.6/5)



4. BOSS UP (4.8/5)

5. U CRY (4.5/5)


7. HARD TO LOOK (3.7/5)

8. I NEED A GIRL, PT.3 (2.9/5)

9. TRAIN FOR THIS (3.3/5)

10. HOT SOUP (3/5)

11. SIP A LIL (5/5)

12. FAITHFUL (4.4/5)

13. JA RULE & ASHANTI (3/5)

14. HOLDIN’ ON (4.5/5)




Nice Q’s summary of what he heard:

This album is a unusual one for Tyga’s career, which might be the reason why it sounds so unoriginal, to me. In his quest to experiment, it seems like Tyga may have forced things a little, resulting in this body of work that sounds confusing most of the time. However, there are some stand outs here and there on the album, and those are the tracks in which Tyga doesn’t try to play crooner as much. Don’t get me wrong, I think he has the voice to succeed in this genre of music, I just feel like he doesn’t have the R&B intangibles down pat to fully succeed.


Angry Q’s summary of what he heard:

You know what, f–k it, I’ll be the blunt one here– no one on this planet wants to hear 14 songs of Tyga playing R. Kelly! Songs like “Temperature” and “Sip A Lil” I can stomach, (mainly because of its vibes) but songs like “King Of the Jungle” and “Hot Soup” are unacceptable. As a result, the album straddles between plain ol ‘boring’ and ‘artistically boring’ throughout, which doesn’t bode well for its playback-ability. All in all, I can applaud his effort, but I prefer Tyga dropping bars.


Overall Consensus

Not feeling it.

3 thoughts on “Tyga – Kyoto (Album Review)

  1. lol i actually quite liked King of the Jungle, and thought the title was interesting as it had some Drake vibes (and Drake has a song called Jungle)

    1. Interesting take! I think Tyga was influenced by Drake quite a bit on this album, so I wouldn’t be surprised about your theory.

      I’m slowly realizing that I was a bit harsh on Tyga on this album lol

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