I’m not going to sit here and lie to you like I have always been this big fan of Trouble, in all honesty, I don’t know much about dude. He’s not played much on the radio, I can’t tell you one notable verse he dropped, and probably won’t recognize him if I bumped into him in the streets. But on the eve of the unlikeliest final four in basketball history — one full of several different underdogs — Trouble’s underdog spirit reigns supreme! 

This album features lots of great guest appearances: Quavo, Drake, Boosie Badazzz, The Weeknd, and more.




I don’t know how else to say this, but I think this song is pretty bad. First off, the beat is supposedly produced by Mike Will Made It, but after hearing this s–t, his new name should be ‘Mike Will half assed it.’  As for Trouble, he gives us something so dumbed down that I had to downgrade my IQ level a couple notches to enjoy it.

Drake’s part definitely helps the song out, as he unsurprisingly rides the beat pretty well. He may have single-handedly carried this track to some kind of victory.

Drake feature = Automatic top 5’er. Yes, I’ve sold my soul to the 6 GOD.




“Might Not” is one of those strange club bangers that you will confusingly bop your head to.

You can’t fool me, this is the same exact beat as “Gucci On My” with 21 Savage, YG & Migos. Trouble even raps like 21 Savage does on the original version, bullying his opposition with this sneaky ass delivery throughout. However, the best part of the song is the hook, as it entertains with its infectious rhythm.




What an interesting combination of rap artists that are featured on this song. The randomness of it reminds me of the musical version of an old white mans subway sandwich.

This song isn’t the best, but it is definitely one of the few on this album that will keep you awake. Quavo is on the hook, and as usual, he gives us something super melodic. Trouble does give us two pretty decent verses, really taking command of the smooth beat with a few bars about his rider that are clear and concise. As for Fetty Wap, he’s at the end of the track, and I wish he wasn’t. He sounds terrible… He sounds like a n***a that was singing while stepping on a bunch of cockroaches.




“Hurt Real Bad” is hood emotional, as Mike Will Made It hooked Trouble up with this soulful instrumental that allowed him to open up in ways he simply doesn’t on majority of this album.

Much like the other songs on “Edgewood,” Trouble’s rapping is very erratic. At times, he gives us some pretty heavenly vocals, and in other times, he sounds like he’s stumbling on his words. Nonetheless, the vibes him and the beat were able to create is the driving factor to why this is the second best song on the album.




Who had the better contribution on this song: The Weeknd or Mike Will Made It? I feel like the production by Mike on this song is absolutely phenomenal, as he was able to create this riveting instrumental that relies heavily on hard-hitting drums and a few piano notes. The Weeknd compliments that sound really well, delivering this spirited performance that has him sounding like the trap’s version of Michael Jackson. What we can all agree on is that Trouble added nothing to the track.

Letting a n***a know when to come thru is as important as ever…N***as gotta know if your time lines up with decent Uber fares.




3. MIGHT NOT (4.4/5)


5. BRING IT BACK (4/5)

6. WUZZAM WASSUP (3.6/5)

7. MY BOY (3.5/5)


9. KESHA DEM (3.2/5)

10. COME THRU (5/5)

11. RIDER (4.8/5)

12. KNOCK DOWN (3.9/5)

13. SELFISH (4.1/5)

14. KNEW / TIME AFTA TIME (3.5/5)

15. MS. CATHY & MRS. CONNIE (3.7/5)

16. HURT REAL BAD (5/5)




I’ll keep it 100 with you: I don’t see much appeal in Trouble. Correct, he’s trill as s**t, but literally nothing he did stood out to me on this album. What did stand out to me was Mike Will Made It’s production, as he blessed the project with some of the most street sounding instrumentals I heard in a long ass time. What does that mean in the grand scheme of things? Mike was the MVP of this project.

For the most part, this album is a snoozer. Granted, there are some very good hooks on it, but aside from that, it’s very forgettable. I understand, Trouble wanted to go that dark route, but aside from 21 Savage, I simply don’t think it works for most artists.

The features help this album like sugar helps Corn Flakes taste better. With Trouble giving off this dull demeanor majority of the time, artists like Quavo, The Weeknd, and even Fetty f**kin’ Wap for some odd reason give off very lively features. With that being said, the ones they happen to be on are some of the best songs. (What a f**kin’ coincidence)

Trouble is not quite there when it comes to being one of raps bigger names. I prefer him as one of the three random features on your average trap song, but not as the headliner.