The Weeknd wasn’t the only artist to drop a sensual six track project this weekend, Tink also did. In “Pain & Pleasure,” the Illinois based rapper/singer was able to dive deep into our feelings, giving us something that is sultry enough to consider staying home with your lover as opposed to hitting up The Park at 14th street for the night.

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I never really looked at Tink as a legit R&B artist, but in “Faded,” she plays the part very well. On it, she drops some impressive vocals over this slow paced instrumental, outlining the step by step process that is going on between her and this dude in the bedroom. Her carefulness lyrically sounds perfect for the tone of the song, and her sexiness glows like butter on movie theatre popcorn from start to finish.




If this album had a regular roll out, I think “On To The Next One” would’ve been its first single. Its the most balanced when it comes to both the R&B and rap side of things, with Tink showing many different kinds of vulnerability.

I like how Tink sounds hurt at times, and in other times pissed, as she tries to figure out why her guy lets her down more than my DirectTVNOW app (This s–t keeps freezing, fam). Based off of her emotions, I feel she went through a couple of the things she discusses on this song, which makes it feel very relatable.

If you ask me, it sounds like Tink is dating the 21 year old version of myself. I was shaky as s**t when it came to relationships back then.




I f**kin’ love the root of this instrumental! I’ve always thought it was cold as s**t. Anyway, Tink certainly delivers something energetic on “Part Time Lovers,” rapping and singing with great exuberance. Though the song is short, it’s both literally and figuratively sweet.


1. ON TO THE NEXT ONE (4.5/5)

2. FADED (4.3/5)


4. M.I.A. (4/5)

5. GET YOU HOME (4.3/5)

6. SIGNS (3.8/5)




If you’ve been reading my wonderful blog for the last couple of years, you know I think highly of Tink’s artistry. Not only do I believe she is a damn good rapper, but I also feel she is capable of playing female crooner whenever she wants to. With about a 75/25% ratio of R&B to Rap,  Tink showed me for six solid songs that singing can be her main offering. She was able to play every version of an R&B songstress effectively (From jilted lover to erotic partner), and delivered several different levels of vocal ranges. With all these artists trying their hands at dropping legit R&B projects these days, I think Tink just showed them the blueprint on this project.