Haven’t heard about Dexter Gore yet? He’s better known as Famous Dex, and is the Chicagoan responsible for the hit single ‘Pick It Up’. In his newest album, ‘Dex Meets Dexter,’ he looks to take his fame to another level, giving us 14 tracks that are feature-light, which tells me he has more than enough to carry his own. Since Famous Dex has a long list of mixtapes in his discography, he’s no rookie to this rap s**t, but keeping my attention for a full length album might be a different beast… y’all think he can pull off something great? 




On Cèline, Famous Dex presents us with another irresistible chorus. However, with only one verse (which is pretty blah), it is obvious the chorus is the best thing about this song.




Famous Dex really dipped his ink in lean for this track. The instrumentation and beat are pretty sick, and the chorus and his third verse have nice rhythms that are appealing to the ears.



I wanna start this review off by saying Drax project sounds amazing on this track! His sound will definitely make any listener wish the chorus was longer.

You can tell Famous Dex had a good time making this song (At least that’s what the vibes of the song gives off) ‘Light’ is so good, you’d wish the two artists would release a collaborative album.




On this song, Famous Dex sends cusses to his newly canceled girlfriend while expressing his disgust and hate for his past ones. Throughout, he flaunts his money and jewelry, and says he’s only focused on his rap career and not the women.

This song might be short, but the tune has a long-lasting effect.



Everything about the instrumentation and arrangement of this song makes it a hit. Every single ad-lib makes this song even more interesting because its different from the one-word style most rappers use.

At the change in tempo, Asap Rocky introduces a different flow which serves as an extra spice to Famous Dex’s standard verses.


1. DMD (3/5)

2. PROVE IT (4/5)

3. JAPAN (3.5/5)

4. DEADPOOL (1.5/5)

5. LIGHT (5/5)

6. CELINE (4/5)

7. TAKE HER (3.4/5)

8. HEMI (2/5)

9. PICK IT UP (5/5)

10. THEM DAYS (2.5/5)

11. SAID SO (2.5/5)

12. XOXO (5/5)

13. CHUMP (2.5/5)

14. CHAMPION (2.5/5)




Famous Dex has said ‘Dex’ represents his good side, while ‘Dexter’ represents his wild side. Based on this album, I’d say Famous Dex sounds better as ‘Dex’ than ‘Dexter’. If I were to guess, the songs that were made by Dex on this album was Prove It, Light, and Celine. As his wild alter ego, Dexter, he showed his face on tracks like DTD, JAPAN and HEMI. If you ask me, it’s hard to enjoy Famous Dex when he’s in his Dexter frame of mind.

One thing Famous Dex displays with both personas is great ad-libs. I feel like they make his raps come alive even more, something that makes up for his so-so rapping. I also enjoyed most of the choruses on this album, as they are unique, new school, and worth having on repeat. While “Dex Meets Dexter” isn’t quite long enough to have you soaking in frustrating noise, this album is like homework you do the morning you have to submit it.