Dear Lord, please don’t tell me these two grown ass n***as didn’t dedicate a song to Bhad Bhabie…

Didn’t you think “Bhad” was going to be one of those basic ass trap songs based off of its artwork and title? Fortunately for us, it’s dynamic, as it features Tory Lanez, and he gives us this hook and verse that is flawless (I especially like the melody to the hook).

As for 2 Pistols, his part isn’t bad, it’s just very simple… As expected, on his verse, he talks about the supposed money that he has and how this bad jawn is perfect for his current living situation. You can tell he wanted to let Tory Lanez steal the show, very similarly to how he let T-Pain do most of the work on “She Got It.”

Bhad Bhabie was one years old when 2 Pistols first came out… (Yikes)