Cardi B

Lil Yachty — Who Want The Smoke (Ft. Cardi B & Offset) (Review & Stream)


There are some major players on this song, but please give a standing ovation to the beat!

Let me start off by saying this: Other than a solid first verse, Lil Yachty’s contributions on this song is very comical (Especially his second verse; he literally sounds like a thug with brain damage). Matter of fact, he doesn’t even issue out threats that are scary, they all sound goofy as s**t. He had such a great opportunity to prove he has gangsta ties to the world on this song, and instead, he fell flat on his face. (SMH)

As expected, Cardi B and Offset provide the real grit for this record, both dropping heavy-hitting verses that actually sound aggressive and on beat (Shot at Yachty). I say they strong arm this song away from Yachty, remove his parts, and add 21 Savage to it (That’s what happened with rockstar, right?).

If the smoke sounds like that, I’m OK with having all of it!



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