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Vic Mensa – Metaphysical (Review & Stream)


Vic Mensa’s singing voice is phenomenal!

If you are familiar with Vic Mensa’s hard-hitting style, you know this n***a raps like he’s ready to punch n***a’s in the face on every bar. However, today, it’s sexy time for the Chicagoan, as he drops off the feel good “Metaphysical.” The track has nothing but good vibes, and features this pop dance-hall beat that will make you want to call off of work early to shake your ass at a local happy hour. However, what I think is the most impressive thing about this song is Vic Mensa’s contributions: He’s gentle, hits his notes pretty well, and surprisingly/not so surprisingly, opens up about this fine ass girl that sounds like she can make you want to change your ways. This is definitely a dope jam.

Vic, my eyes are open, bro.



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