YBN Nahmir and YBN Cordae keep it all the way real in “Pain Away.”

If you listen to the old heads of the world, they’ll try to convince you that none of these YBN cats are any good. But if you ask me, a semi-old head, I think they are actually pretty decent behind the mic (Especially Cordae). I feel like the fellas have their rap mechanics down pat, and surprisingly, discuss a wide range of topics in their lyrics that will keep rap fan’s interest. In “Pain Away,” a song that I think further validates my point, both YBN artists bask in their recent successes while reminding the people that they have their Draco close by if you think they’ve softened up. I love the grittiness that Nahmir raps with on the hook and his verse, and was pleasantly surprised that Cordae decided to use more of a melodic approach on majority of his verse.

YBN Nahmir continues to look like no more than 10 years old.