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Bionic – Change (Ft. Matt Martino) (Review & Stream)


Bionic and Matt Martino shine bright in the deep yet lively “Changes.” 

Don’t you just love music that contains real ass content, yet has a vibe to it that is enjoyable to listen to? That is exactly what you get with “Changes.” On it, both Bionic and Matt Martino were able to deliver this powerful jam that touches on the ins and outs of a relationship that’s reached a dangerous place due to a variety of misunderstandings. I know, the topic sounds a bit depressing, but the heavenly vocals, infectious melody and colorful instrumental that you get on this track might just prompt you to stomp your feet and clap your hands regretfully.

“Changes” will be on repeat this week. Matter of fact, I’m downloading it on every single electronic I have in this house (Including my pager).

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