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T-Pain And Gucci Mane Join Forces In “Might Be” (Review & Stream)

T-Pain and Gucci Mane should have way more records together than two.

T-Pain is in that weird stage of his career where he’s still relevant, but very close to not being. With that being said, in “Might Be,” a brand new track that features Gucci Mane, the Tallahassee rapper turnt singer was able to give us something that is perfect for the clubs. Not only does it contain this bass boomin’ instrumental, but you also get a brash contribution from our hero that revolves around splurging on women and degrading haters. Do I like the hook he delivers on the song? No, but I do find it enjoyable, as it references Gucci’s alleged “Bitch I Might Be” line from when he was in court a couple years back.

Gucci Mane adds another layer of grit to this song, dropping a verse that has some serious slickness to it. Throughout, he sounds unbothered, showing absolutely no stress that n***as want to rob him, take his girl, and/or out floss him.

Arguably, T-Pain and Gucci Mane have molded the s**t we hear in rap today.



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