Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Bhabie And City Girls Join Forces For “Yung & Bhad” (Review & Stream)

Bhad Girls Club 2018.

Bhad Bhabie and City Girls represent a new era of girls that will probably catch a few charges in their lifetime. Today, they decided to unite for this sly banger called “Yung and Bhad,” and as expected, both parties wreck nothing but havoc on it. On Bhabie’s verse, she decides to kill her ops with braggadocios bars that has her talking about flossing and keeping guns in her arsenal, while City Girls continue to sound like young finessers that are into stealing men and killing the self-confidence of their foes. I love the energy that each artist spits with, but can’t stand the played out flow that Bhabie uses for most of her contributions.

How many restraining orders do you think both of these acts have on them combined? I say 7.




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