Jamit doesn’t hold back yet again in “Chicken.”

You know what I like most about Jamit? Not only does he entertain his listeners with music that is out-of-this-worldly, but he also ties meaning to whatever it is that he makes, ensuring we learn some type of lesson in the process. In his new track titled “Chicken,” the talented musician dedicates four minutes and ten seconds of music to the consumption of eating chicken and treating it like a substance with no ethical significance. With that being said, the crux of this song features some cutting-edge engineering, but at the same time, a good amount of blazing feels that gets more and more intense as it plays on.

As usual, Jamit steps outside of the box quite a bit here, something that makes him one of the most unique artists out. Make sure you check out the track up top, and when you get the chance, follow him on the following links below:


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