D. Marley

D. Marley Motivates And Inspires In “Trials” (Review & Stream)

Soul Food like “Trials” is useful at all times of the day. 

I absolutely love this song! It’s emotional, full of passion, and most importantly, introspective. On it, D. Marley gives his deepest thoughts to the world for three minutes and eighteen seconds, discussing the importance of getting back up after being knocked down and giving a stiff arm to the haters. His delivery of these sentiments are well-done, as he navigates through the soulful instrumental using a consistent flow and some pretty aggressive bars. When you plug in Maria Diane’s gentle harmonizing into the fray, you get this heartwarming tune that never lets up in emotive feels.

Make sure you check out D. Marley’s “Trials” up top! Trust me, it doesn’t disappoint.



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