Hen Dawg

Hen Dawg Creates A New Trend With “Water Drip Drip” (Review & Stream)

Shout-out to all the real ones that got that ‘Water Drip Drip!’

I was blessed with two things listening to this song this morning: A good laugh and my daily lyrical fix. If I were to guess, “Water Drip Drip” is somewhat of a playful jab at the young people’s music of today, but at the same time, rapping-wise, Hen Dawg impresses! Backed up by this amped up instrumental by Nemo Dodiii, our hero spits about everything from smoking and drinking to riding in spaceships and driving drunk and high. His word-play throughout is high-octane, and the way he finishes his bars is top-notch.

Both Yung Hennessy and Hen Dawg has to be the greatest rap monikers of all time.



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