My mind was blown about five different times listening to this song.

I always give major props to a musical act that is capable of blending in a whole bunch of different sounds together to create their music. In “TechNoob,” EvilTwin made sure you got to hear about 155 different sounds in a three minute and twenty-two second span. First and foremost, the root of the track has this futuristic feel to it, prompting the side of your brain that is easily susceptible to losing its s**t to wake up from it’s weekday coma. From there, you get a bit of hip hop, lots and lots of EDM (That bass drop around 1:40 almost made me call the cops), and my personal favorite, some random Reggae vibes! Obviously, the energy to this track is impeccable, but it’s versatility is what caught my attention the most.

Make sure you check out “TechNoob” up top, folks! I can almost guarantee that you will want to hit the dance club the moment you press play on it.