Man In Black Blesses Us With Smooth EDM Vibes In “Genesis” (Review & Stream)

Genesis represents EDM done right.

Man in Black is one of those EDM artists that tries his best to hit listeners with futuristic/highly innovative music whenever he gets the chance. In “Genesis,” we are treated to these enjoyable elements and more.

Personally, I love music that has positive energy attached to it, and if that energy is successfully blended with explosive energy, I consider it audio heaven! “Genesis” has that working for it, as it boasts this glossy root that features an abundance of heavy-hitting vibrations. I love how the track sorta hypnotizes you with its sound, forcing you to pump your fists and nod your head. I also love the passion, enthusiasm and colorfulness the song displays, dragging you into its EDM world every chance it gets.

Who is this Man in Black guy? All he does is make hits and goes home. No one has seen his face, not even his friends and family. Ok, I’m scared now.



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