Alex Dutty

Alex Dutty Shows Off His Will To Win In “Knock Down Ginger” (Review & Stream)


Alex Dutty is not just a rapper, he is also a motivational speaker.

Alex Dutty’s time is now and he doesn’t care who has next. In his newly released album, “Knock Down Ginger,” he gives us something authentic, introspective and hard-hitting. One of my favorite tracks off of it is also called “Knock Down Ginger” — A three minute and twenty three second track that gives listeners a chance to truly understand what the red-haired rapper is all about.

On “Knock Down Ginger,” Alex Dutty is both competitive and relentless. Over this edgy instrumental, our hero shows off his God-given ability to rap by displaying tremendous wordplay, astute punchlines and unflappable flows on his verses. Additionally, his words are as inspiring as it gets, primarily revolving around doing everything he can to provide for his family and doing whatever it takes to be successful in his career. I love the energy everyone involved from the beat-maker to featured artist Antonio Vincente give off on the track (Antonio provided an extra dose of passion to the song on his part). I also enjoy how exact and precise Alex is with his lyrics throughout. All in all, the tune is an absolute treat.

Make sure you check out “Knock Down Ginger” at the top of the page! Also, stream the full album HERE!



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