Brent B00min'

Brent B00min Is Calling Major Shots In “No Coming Back” (Review & Stream)

LA, stand the hell up for your guy Brent B00min’!

There is clearly a void in gangsta rap in the game, mainly because it seems like everybody wants to sing now. That’s OK, but every once in a while, I want to be able to hear some tough ass s**t; enter Brent B00min’! Our guy is an unapologetic rapper that doesn’t mind throwing shots at his foes, getting at the chicks and hustling his ass off to the get to the money. In his newest single, “No Coming Back,” he lets the world what he’s all about over this menacing instrumental. I love how B00min’ raps fast and diligently,  keeping s**t real and confirming his gangsta ways through some gritty ass lyrics. I also like his presence on the track, as he never settles for anything less than boss status throughout.

Make sure you checkout the video to “No Comin’ Back” up top! Also, follow him on Instagram @yournotb00min!



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