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Little Mix And Nicki Minaj Unite For “Woman Like Me” (Review & Stream)


I’ll love to have a woman like one of them in the exact order they are lined up in the single artwork you see above.

Here’s a little back story of Little Mix: They are an up and coming UK girl group that are slowly but surely climbing the ranks into hip hop/R&B relevancy. Today, they got quite the boost from the supposed Queen of Hip Hop in Nicki Minaj for “Woman Like Me.” The Caribbean/hip hop inspired track features a little bit of sultriness, lots of sass, and an aggressive verse from Nicki Minaj (Yes, she challenges us men to a sex fight and calls herself a bad b*tch multiple times on her verse). If you ask me, i think it will be a hit that people will soak up.

Fans of Little Mix, can you tell me who the Beyonce of this crew is?



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