This is the first single off of Joyner Lucas’ upcoming ADHD album.

Bar for bar, Joyner Lucas is one of the best MC’s out right now. He has the flows, the delivery and bravado to be something great in the game for a very long time. At the same time, he hasn’t dropped a major project yet, so I am curious to see if he can solidify his legend with ADHD. In the meantime, he decided to release his first single off of the upcoming project titled “I Love.” On it, the Worcester, MA spitter drops off a very melodic/infectious hook, flows that range from fast to slow, and most importantly, lots of competitive lyrics aimed at his competition. As a club-banger, I think you will love this song. As a lyrical banger, well, I think you will love it as that, too! (He combined the best of both words with this one)

Cam we start calling Joyner ‘The Logic’ killer? I feel like he truly has disdain in his heart for that n***a.