Jacquees – Quemix 3 (Mixtape Review)


The king of flipping R&B artists’ songs decided to drop a project full of remixes with Quemix.





I feel like Jacquees and Ginuwine give me similar vibes when they sing. That means him flipping the Virginia legends’ “None Of Your Friends Business” hit is OK with me. On Quees’ version, he adds a little more raunchiness to it lyrically, as he bluntly talks about letting his ladies’ friend know there will be lots of f**kin’ and finessing coming from his way and there is nothing she can do about it.

Did anyone else get excited when you saw that this song featured Issa? I was ready to hear Issa Raye from Insecure at some point! Instead, we got some random n***a from some bootleg show called ‘Unsecure.’ Nonetheless, he dropped a nice little rap verse about gettin’ it in both ballin’ and playa-wise. I respect it, bro!

The structure of this song requires some pretty daring vocals, and I feel like Jacquees takes on the challenge every step of the way.



In “Against Me,” Wale and Jacquees get a chance to flip H.E.R.’s “Against Me.” Since the track boasts this smooth and sensual sound, you get a version of both dark skin musicians that are more than willing to accept a light skin man’s role. All jokes aside, I love both artists’ vulnerability on their contributions, as they each talk about their unique situations in the slickest way possible. As expected, Jacquees croons beautifully on his parts, doing his best to understand where his lover is coming from, while Wale hits us with a raw ass verse that has him trying to woo his woman to get fully engaged with him through some sly ass words. Since it’s Wale, I am sure it didn’t work…




Jacquees killed this joint! He even knows he did because he started the song off sorta apologizing to Daniel Caesar for stealing his s**t.

“Get You” requires daring vocals, and who shares their daring vocals more than Jacquees does when he sings? On this track, you get ‘high-pitched’ Quees’, ‘mellow’ Quees’, and most importantly, ‘I want the kitty kay before I lose my mind’ Quees’. Every version comes with Grade A passion.

Much like his performance on Ella Mai’s “Trip,” Jacquees will make you forget who sung the original version of this song halfway through his version.


1. VOUCH (4/5)

2. CREW (3.5/5)

3. THIN LINE (3/5)

4. IN MY BED (2.5/5)


6. GET YOU (5/5)

7. MARIA (3/5)

8. AGAINST ME (4/5)




It’s pretty obvious that Jacquees loves making music. It is also pretty obvious that he enjoys studying his favorite artists, because on nearly every track, he takes on the challenge of not only sounding similar to them, but also trying to outdo them. Sometimes I feel like he over-sings or doesn’t quite hit the mark as a result, while in others, he fits in just right. This leads to a very sporadic listen that showcases his talent, while at the same time, reminds you that he still has a ways to go to reach his full potential. Nonetheless, Quemix 3 features authentic R&B (At least most of the time), and imagine how hard that is to find these days…

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