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Mike Of Doom Goes Hard On “Modern”(Review & Stream)


There is probably a version of Mike of Doom in us all.

Mike Of Doom recently released his latest body of work titled “Michael’s Modern Life” to the masses, and trust me, it features some pretty interesting music. For seven full songs, he fiddles with a variety of flows and dabbles in the uniquest of beats. The intro track to the project is called “Modern,” and after listening to it only one time, my mind was blown! It features this bass boomin’ instrumental that is clearly in touch with its gentle side, because it also boasts these soothing piano notes, too. On this instrumental, Mike loses his s**t, rapping with this unorthodox flow and dropping the realest of bars revolved around dominating competition and making sense of all the f**k s**t going on around him. I love his carefree demeanor throughout, and definitely f**k with the energy he gives off from start to finish.

Make sure you check out Mike of Doom’s “Michael’s Modern Life” HERE!┬áThe album artwork alone should peak your interest.



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