Danjul’s “Dance To The Moon” Is Flat-Out Amazing!! (Review & Stream)

Did you actually think a song called “Dance To The Moon” wouldn’t sound epic? 

When I listen to music, the number one thing I look for is energy: It has to be high-octane, practically forcing me to get off my feet and do whatever kind of dance my uncoordinated mind is capable of doing. In Danjul’s “Dance To The Moon,” he was able to provide me with great energy and then some.

First and foremost, the instrumental behind “Dance To The Moon” is nothing less than explosive, boasting this epic fusion between EDM and pop that sounds very futuristic. From there, you get nothing but powerful vocals from our space-traveling hero, as he practically puts you in his spell through this infectious melody and powerful harmonizing that will prompt you to drop everything you are doing and boogie down. (Yes, his hypnotizing worked on me, too)

I highly recommend you listen to “Dance To The Moon” 100 times in a row. You will lose a good amount of calories if you do so.



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