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Soulja Boy & Ray J Join Forces For “Rich & Whippin” (Review & Stream)

This might be Soulja Boy’s best song of 2019.

Earlier today, Soulja Boy announced on Twitter that his upcoming album will have plenty of stars. I’m cool with that, only if he takes the music seriously. Today, he decided to release his stashed up collaboration with Ray J, and surprisingly, it is not that bad.

“Rich & Whippin” is powered by this sly instrumental that has its elements of trillness attached to it. Over this instrumental, Soulja Boy drops a few bars about driving in the nicest of cars, smashing the finest of chicks and taking designer drugs (Whatever that means).  I actually f**k with the hook he was able to deliver on the track a lot, but can absolutely do without his verses.

As I stated earlier, Ray J is featured on “Rich & Whippin,” and as expected, he does way too much on it. Not only does his smooth singing of rapper-like lyrics sound weird, but he also forces his punchlines way too much. Maybe there simply isn’t a place for Ray J in the hip-hop game anymore…

Maybe (Just maybe) this upcoming Soulja Boy album might be decent…



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