blackbear Pours His Heart Out In “1 Sided Love”

My girl was talking to me while I was listening to this song…

I am one of those people that believes¬†blackbear is a talented SOB. He sings and writes well, and when it comes to image, he definitely plays the part of bad boy pop dude pretty well. In his latest single, “1 SIDED LOVE,” the Florida based rapper gives us something deep, singing passionately about dealing with this chick that isn’t willing to listen to him when they have disagreements. Personally, I love how deep the song is, how it morphs from an acoustic effort to a bit of a banger, and most importantly, how particular blackbear’s lyrics are.

blackbear looks like an avid cocaine-taker, to me. Must be the green hair…




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  1. he quit drugs. he’s open on his past use. that’s why he opened up more in this album. he changes his hair all the time bc he believes in constant reinvention and literally said that’s why.

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    • That is deep! Thanks for the insight! Drug-usage is such a bummer, and for him to be able to talk about his struggles with it is inspiring!


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