Sunni Cash wasn’t playing on this freestyle at all…

It’s fairly obvious that Sunni Cash is a rapper that knows how to push boundaries when it comes to making music. Not only does he have this ability to dish out wacky flows and animated bars, but he also knows how to ride any beat you give him fantastically. In his latest offering of slaughtered freestyles, Sunni shows the world how dominant of a rapper he is, taking shots at some of the best beats in hip-hop last year. One of my favorite freestyles from the project is the one he did over Kodak Black’s “Roll In Peace” beat.

“Roll In Peace” has always had a beat attached to it that I thought should’ve been dragged, ramrodded and taken to the back of the tool shed (It’s that hot). Fortunately for us, Sunni does all three in his freestyle over it, as he succeeds in switching up flows like a madman, blesses us with great wordplay and punchlines, and most importantly, shows the world how savage/reckless he can be lyrically. Are you not entertained, folks?

You can tell Sunni Cash was born to succeed in rap. His mechanics, confidence and wittiness are all top notch!