Ryan Klem Delivers An Easy Listening Tune with “Dried Up”


Somewhere between indie, nautical, and folk is where you can find “Dried Up.”

Ryan Klem’s latest single hits right in the feels. It is simultaneously melancholy and upbeat. Coupled with a beach-friendly instrumental, the lyrics Klem delivers on the song are uncluttered, yet harrowing, as he grants us an inside look into the complexities of relationships and the complications that follow.

Starting out soft and slow, the melody attached to “Dried Up” becomes increasingly complex, introducing a variety of instruments, but always maintaining a balmy vibe. In my opinion, the instrumental is masterful, and Ryan’s tranquil tone matches up well.

“Dried Up” will be available on Spotify and iTunes on March 29. Until then, check out Ryan Klem’s instagram for snippets and teasers.




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