Who would’ve thought the world would need something called ‘weird dope’ in their lives? Well, Muenster shows us the importance of it, delivering a fourteen track project called “Weird Dope” that hits harder than any other hip-hop album you’ve heard in a while.

In my humbling opinion, there are only a few artists in the hip-hop game that moves the needle when it comes to knowledgeable, yet tenacious bars: Notorious B.I.G., Ice Cube, Eminem, Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar and Chuck D. While Muenster isn’t as big a household name as those guys, he does fit in that group, as he has a knack for spitting rhymes that are raw, controversial, wise and ferocious. In “Weird Dope,” his latest project, the Texas rapper lets all the way loose, ruffling feathers and speaking some real s**t.

“Weird Dope” boasts some pretty versatile production. On songs like “Message,” “OBEY,” “Woke,” “AWHIWWLB” and “Before We Die,” Muenster hooks us up with beats that were heavy-hitting and refreshingly wicked. Over these instrumentals, you got versions of the Texas rapper that was competitive, controversial and pretty tenacious. On songs like, “Trinity” and “How Long,” things were more on the tamed side, featuring soothing instrumentals that allowed Muenster to be a little more introspective, positive and inspirational. Lastly, on songs like “Didactic” and “Go Deaf,” you get instrumentals that are old school-sounding, featuring vibes that were very similar to those of the 90’s era of rap.  The combination of the three styles makes for quite the roller-coaster.

Content-wise, “Weird Dope” is beyond interesting. On certain songs, Muenster touches on controversial topics such as President assassinations, rap conspiracies and unhinged ideologies. In my opinion, Muenster’s beliefs were well thought-out, intricate and appealing. Additionally, Muenster shows the world his competitive side on his raps, challenging his rap counterparts and explaining to the world why when he’s on, he is capable of slaying any beat you give him. What I love about the content on this album is that every lyric/bar Muenster delivers features great confidence, outstanding flows and a level of detail that you simply can’t ignore. As a major rap fan, I loved every ounce of his rap performances on this project.

“Weird Dope” is one of those albums that I believe fans of hip-hop will appreciate for various reasons. In my opinion, it features a version of Muenster that is focused, raw and absolutely unchained; all elements that make hip-hop special.