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Our Tribute To Nipsey Hussle


A brief tribute to Nipsey Hussle

All you need to do is search Nipsey Hussle on our site to see how much appreciation we had for him. We felt like he was just reaching his peak as an artist, let alone as a person. With that being said, We’ve been frustrated, confused, unsatisfied and saddened by the tragic events of Sunday. Our condolences go out to Nipsey’s friends, his family and Lauren London. Our condolences also go out to anyone that has had to suffer from losing someone to heinous acts such as gun-violence. We have trust and hope that we can become a better/safer world in due-time, and pray that these bumps in the road will expedite the process. In the meantime, it’s time to continue on with work, while never forgetting the time we had on this earth with a special individual like Nipsey.

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