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Smokepurpp Returns With “Remember Me”

Aw s**t, Smokepurpp has become a singing ass n***a, too…

After a pretty promising start to his rap career, SmokePurpp sorta fell off the map. Maybe he needed some time to himself, or perhaps he was trying to go in a different direction when it came to his craft. Whatever the case may be, he’s back with a new single called “Remember Me,” and based off of the sound of it, it seems like he’s become a completely different artist.

“Remember Me” is powered by this passionate instrumental that actually tip-toes the line between some R&B and hip-hop s**t. Over this instrumental, SmokePurpp sings his heart out, talking about concealing his feelings and s**t. Personally, I think he sounds like a poor-mans Swae Lee on the track.

All bulls**t aside, SmokePurpp has to find his own identity…



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