Caglar Hepterlikci Takes Us To Outer Space On “Parallel Journey”

Does anyone know NASA’s Address? I need to send them a thank you note for providing the inspiration for Caglar Hepterlikci’s latest release.

Istanbul, Turkey’s Caglar Hepterlikci is a skilled producer and guitarist. His talents make him a member of the, once small but steadfastly growing, club of producers who double as musicians. Personally, I have found that artists who can do both (i.e. Kanye West, David Guetta, N.E.R.D.) make some of the best music.

“Parallel Journey” features dialogue from a statement issued by N.A.S.A. on their production of the very first image of a black hole. Hepterlikci was moved by this discovery and immortalized the moment through song; the end-result is a mellow track without lyrics outside of the featured dialogue. Fair warning: Although the song is just shy of being four minutes long, you might want to set your player to repeat, because you will probably want to hear it again.

Caglar Hepterlikci seems to have the type of creative mind that is capable of perfectly engineering music, as well as carrying out a vision from beginning to end; “Parallel Journey” is the proof in the pudding.



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