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Jah Cure Stands Strong In “Lion Of The Jungle”

It’s impossible to not be inspired by this song.

After you listen to Jah Cure for the first time, you will notice that he has a level of passion to him that is just as powerful as it is influential. In “Lion Of The Jungle,” one of my favorite releases by Cure, he showcases this passion by talking about everything from protecting his kingdom to putting vultures in their places.

Personally, I love Lion Of The Jungle’s riveting vibes. While it is powered by a colorful reggae instrumental everybody can jam to, Jah Cure approaches the song with raw emotion, singing soulfully and delivering some pretty deep words throughout. Not a single moment of Jah’s words seem fake or unauthentic, which in my opinion, makes what you hear sound like an anthem you would want to let get stuck in your head.

I think I might start playing this song every morning to get me motivated to be the best version of myself that I can be.



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