I hear dead people! 

Yes, Membrain is one of many boomin’ hip-hop artists from Canada, but to me, he has a different mentality than the others. Not only is he pretty versatile, coining himself as someone who makes music for kids in high school and grandparents that love to dance, but he’s also pretty descriptive when he raps. In “Bout It,” a short but sweet banger, Membrain excels in keeping us on our toes, delivering a song that is just as harrowing as it is lyrical.

Don’t you just love the character Membrain plays on “Bout It?” He’s dark, but at the same time, cooler than us all, as he talks about challenging foes, toting weaponry and making money using this sly approach. Though the song is only one minute long, in that time, Mem was able to convince me that he’s really bout that life — like, forreal forreal!

Make sure you listen to Membrain’s “Bout It” track up top, and also, see the visuals for the song on Instagram HERE!