JameirKGolden is more than just a rapper — he is a poet.

JameirKGolden is on the up-rise. Currently, he has surpassed over 500k views on Spotify, and most of that is due to his versatility as an artist (Louisville artists such as himself tend to be pretty versatile). In his latest single titled “No Hard Feelings,” Jameir shows off an astute ability to reach the souls of listeners with powerful lyrics and nurturing vibes.

I personally love when rappers pour their hearts out in their music. In “No Hard Feelings,” that’s exactly what JameirKGolden does, as he questions everything from toxic friends to relentless doubters. Thankfully, on the song, the Louisville rapper also talks about overcoming all the noise around him by remaining focused and killing s**t on the mic every chance he gets. If that’s not a feel-good story you would want to clap for, I don’t know what is.

Rapping-wise, JameirKGolden spits some complicated/complex s**t on “No Hard Feelings,” but uses a delivery that is calmer than Kawhi Leonard when the Raptors are stuck in a tie game. As a music fan, you’ll like what you hear, but as a human-being who simply wants to succeed in their respective career paths, you’ll love it!

I admire artists who can be stoic on the mic. That s**t is a serious talent!