Gucci Mane and Justin Bieber = Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning

I know what you are thinking: What the f**k is Gucci Mane doing linking up with Justin Bieber for a song? I’ll tell you this: Historically, Gucci has been open to working with pop music’s finest, so I am not surprised by this collaboration at all. What I am surprised by is the chemistry between the two musicians. While the production behind “Love Thru The Computer” does most of the work (It’s high in energy, fast tempo’d and soulful), I thought Justin did a great job of adding some cutesy-wutsey/infectiousness to the track, and Gucci Mane did a great job of playing hood romantic, keeping s**t both raw and gutter every chance he got on his verses. The combination between the two contrasting styles sounded really good, to me.

If this was 2003 Gucci, I’m pretty sure he would’ve robbed Justin Bieber instead of collaborating with him.