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Fatima Revne Mesmerizes In “Hallucination”


Fatima Revne has this unique ability to hypnotize listeners with her voice.

Fatima Revne is one of those singers that I can tell pours her heart out whenever she makes music. On “Hallucination,” her latest single, the Filipino/Norwegian musician was able to gift us with a soulful R&B gem that features plenty of emotion and a masterful vocal performance.

From the moment you press play on “Hallucination,” you are greeted to this inundating  instrumental that does everything in its power to leave your mind numb. Over this instrumental, Fatima lets loose about loving an individual so much, she can’t operate normally. While the “On My Mind” singer’s lyrics are profound, deep and insanely passionate on this song, I think it is her ability to truly show her emotions throughout that stands out the most, to me. As a listener, you have to admire such openness.

Fatima Revne has superstar written all over her. Don’t be surprised if she ends up flooding your radio with “Hallucination.”



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