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Craig Xen Releases The XXXTENTACION Featuring “Run It Back”

Craig Xen and XXXTENTACION sound like two dudes that go through random hoods looking to pick fights on this song.

XXXTENTACION had two sides to him: A fragile side and a wild side. After he started to experience some fame, many of his fans gravitated to his fragile side, forgetting that he can be a gritty muthaf**ka that gives 0 s**ts about anyone’s feelings. On “Run It Back,” we get to hear X when he’s gritty, as both he and Craig Xen talk about toting guns and stepping to ops that want pro.. pro… pro.. problems with them. Overall, I love the energy attached to the track, I am just a bit hesitant to call the grand scheme of what I heard music.

N***as were clearly ripping their shirts while making this song in the studio.




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