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Obe In Space Lets Loose In “Deep End”


“Deep End” is the first hip-hop song made underwater.

Obe In Space isn’t just a trap-rapper, he’s a trap-rapper that is all about providing futuristic vibes in his music. On “Deep End,” his latest single, our trendy hero shines bright, gifting us with an energetic track that is heavy on both trap vibes and colorful melodies.

I’m not going to lie, Obe sounds like he made this song in a pool somewhere. I wouldn’t say he sounds muddled, he just sounds like he’s inhaled some water with chlorine in it. No need to worry, though, Obe’s voice only has a small barring on the success of this song, and that is because everything else is fire! The beat that powers “Deep End” is explosive, the melody Obe was able to deliver throughout is flawless, and most importantly, lyrically, our hero does a good job of connecting with the listener’s turnt up side. Who doesn’t want to hear a song that makes them want to turn up, right?

Check out “Deep End” at the top of the page, it has serious potential when it comes to reaching clubs worldwide!



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