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Gucci Mane Gives Himself A Pat On The Back In “Proud Of You”


Love someone as much as Gucci Mane loves his abs.

In less than two days, Gucci Mane will be dropping his gazillionth album. Not only should his longevity in the game be recognized, but his ability to remain himself should be applauded, too. Today,  the Zone 6 rapper decided to release “Proud of You” — a homage track of sorts in which he gives himself a pat on the back.

Content-wise, I love what I heard on “Proud of U.” On it, Gucci describes all of the different ways he’s improved his life, and that includes him stopping lean, cutting off friends that were detrimental to his growth and leaving his criminal behavior behind. No need to worry, La Flare still brags here and there on the track, indulging in women and luxurious items, it’s just done with far more conviction. As for the stylistics of this song, it falls in line with the grungy bangers Gucci made in the past — it’s muddy, gutter and features raw/non-smiling rap.

Gucci is an example that people should be paying a lot more attention to.



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