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Lil Baby & Future Join Forces For “Out Tha Mud”


Is this the first Lil Baby and Future collaboration on wax?

On the low, one of my favorite artists in the game is Lil Baby. I think he is a helluva rapper that doesn’t settle for being put in a box. Another one of my favorite artists is Future, and though he isn’t quite the rapper that Lil Baby is (He’s more of a singer, to me), he also doesn’t settle for being put in boxes either. Today, the two artists decided to unite with one another, and what we are gifted with is a gritty, yet melodic track that features plenty of trap vibes.

I love how this song features singing, but singing that is so subtly done, you can’t hate on it. It also features lots of street sentiments lyrically, as both Baby and Future stick their chests out like Janet on it. Tell me, how many artists can make a singing ass track sound grungier than a muthaf**ka?

I know we’re supposed to sleep on a dude called Lil Baby, but don’t, he is actually the truth.




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