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Murda Beatz Recruits Lil Pump & Sheck Wes For “Shopping Spree”


I can see Sheck Wes and Lil Pump going on a shopping spree at Toys R’ Us.

Both Murda Beatz and Metro Boomin’ are responsible for making below average rappers sound great on songs. Not only are the two super producer’s beats fire, but their knack for creating s**t that is cinematic is also glaring. “Shopping Spree” is yet another example in which Murda plays super hero for some sad ass rappers, delivering one of the hottest beats I’ve heard this year.

OK, I admit, “Shopping Spree” is hella catchy! The hook Lil Pump delivers is solid, while the energy both him and Sheck Wes give off is high-octane. Is the s**t both rappers are saying on the song useful? Absolutely not, but hey, I’ve learned to not expect much from kids that just past puberty.

Murda Beatz is an unbelievable beat-maker.



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