Piper Landon Indulges In Her Love In “For A Lifetime”


Piper Landon puts up quite the performance on this song.

If you’re going to be lost in anything, it might as well be love, right? Well, Piper Landon, an up-and-coming singer that I think has a beautiful voice and the heart of a pumpkin, is lost in love, and fortunately for us, it translates to an absolute gem that features soothing vocals, heartwarming content, and most importantly, vibes that make you forget that summer is the best time of the year.

You know what I love the most about “For A Lifetime?” It’s energy. With it being backed by this hard-hitting, yet smooth instrumental, Piper Landon let’s loose, letting the track have her heart, lungs, vocal chords, and probably even her last slice of pizza in the fridge. It’s breathtaking listening to someone show such vulnerability in a song, yet keep a level of composure that is glaring; if that were I, you wouldn’t get heartwarming lyrics or fantastic vocals like Piper gave us, you would get tears and nervous laughs.

Do you wanna feel good inside? Listen to Piper Landon’s “For a Lifetime” so many times that your radio puts a restraining order on you!



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