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The Violet Nines Leave Listeners On “Cloud 9” In New Single


Being on “Cloud 9” never felt so good!

The Violet Nines, a band I think has an outstanding name, play instruments masterfully, sing flawlessly, and most importantly, connect with listeners through heartwarming lyrical content. In “Cloud 9,” their latest single, they do all three fantastically, resulting in a track that is so good, you’ll want to stay on their version of cloud 9 for months.

Even though “Cloud 9” is powered by both a soothing instrumental and some passionate crooning by Veronica Fritsch, I think it’s the song’s futuristic additions that catches my attention the most. In other words, “Cloud 9” never settles for normal, as the lead singer’s crooning comes with high-octane moments of harmonizing and daring melodies, while the instrumental does a great job of turning into a hard-hitting/tumultuous animal that practically forces you to bow down to it. While some individuals see love as simple, The Violet Nines see it as dynamic and unpredictable — a way of thinking I believe is an a lot more interesting way to look at it.

According to their official site, The Violet Nines have a background in music that revolves around alternative rock sounds, 50s soul & pop, blues, rhythm & vintage vibes (thevioletnines). If that’s not a helluva mixture, I don’t know what is! Make sure you follow them at the following below, and even more importantly, make sure you give a listen to “Cloud 9” at the top of the page!



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